We are for the development of our children

TheBrandHouse - CSR 2015

This year TheBrandHouse decided to support Global Rainbow Foundation and Etoile du Berger in order to help improve the lives of visually impaired and vulnerable children. TheBrandHouse offered 28 Laptops to equip the training center of the Global Rainbow Foundation in which 10 laptops are being used in their training centre at Camp Yoloff where training is offered to visually impaired children twice a month. The sponsoring of this project amounts to Rs 550,000.

"L’Etoile du Berger" is a home that supports children and adolescents in distress. TheBrandHouse supports the association in creating a "Atelier d’Art et d’Expressions" at the home of Albion and in developing "Auberge de l’ Etoile", 4th home for boys. The contribution amounts to Rs 320,000.
The contribution for both associations amounted to Rs 870,000.