We care for Mauritian children.

Galaxy comes forward with an innovative idea.

During the festive season, charities rely on the generosity of the public. Galaxy gives the opportunity to those who are sensitive to the welfare of children to do "solidarity shopping". With the purchase of a smartphone in one of the 23 Galaxy stores or on, the customer will help to improve the life of a child. The leaders of the four beneficiary associations explain how.

Neena Ramdanee, SACIM:
"This fund comes at a good time because it will allow SACIM to send Avinash, 8 years old, undergo an operation in India. This child has hip dysplasia, a congenital condition that prevents him from walking properly and gives him severe back pain. He was diagnosed with this illness when he was about 3 years old. He must absolutely undergo an osteotomy, a corrective surgery that will cost Rs 200 000. He leaves this Monday, December 4 in Bangalore. We are really relieved!"

Gilbert Lebreux, Etoile du Berger:
"We have 24 children in our three homes, children who have been referred to us by the CDU. We want to give them the same opportunities as any other child. They should certainly have a Christmas like any other children, but above all a quality education, like the others. Because of the trauma they have suffered, they need individual supervision to succeed in their schooling. Our priority in 2018 will be to help them in this direction. This fund will contribute greatly."

Edley Maurer, SAFIRE:
"Our priority is the children of Rivière-Noire. Too many children are left unattended and without guidance. We set up a cycling school similar to those created in Bambous and in the North. They will have, through this school, qualified coaches who will keep them stay clear of social issues and allow them to learn the discipline. TheBrandHouse has already contributed to this project in Rivière-Noire as part of its CSR program. This extra gift from Mauritians will help us equip the school so that in January, it can be put in place!"

Amédée Dabeecharun, SOS Children’s Village:
"These funds will help us continue our "Programmes de Renforcement de la Famille (PRF)". At SOS Children’s Villages, we are ready to welcome children who need it, but we are convinced that a child needs his own family to grow well. That’s why we’ve developed PRFs to increase the ability of families to take care of their children to protect them from the social dangers and exclusion. Parents are accompanied in a process of social and economic integration: information on hygiene, nutrition, health, housing rehabilitation, psychological support, literacy and training courses, legal aid, support for research employment or the creation of income-generating activities ... "

How to participate?
It’s simple: for each smartphone purchased, Galaxy will pay Rs 50 to a fund that will be divided between these four NGOs, L’Etoile du Berger, SACIM, Safire and SOS Children’s Village. "We chose the best-selling product - the smartphone, and the time when our revenue is the most important because we really want this operation to be a success," says Stephania Lebon, Head of Marketing, TheBrandHouse Ltd.

How was this idea born?
These are the NGOs that TBH already supports as part of its CSR program. "We know the quality of their projects and the seriousness of their organization. During our last CSR program, we promised to continue to help them because their projects and dedication touched us. That’s what we’re doing today: we’re going further," says Clovis Wong, CEO, TheBrandHouse Ltd.